Life as an Intern at St Andrew’s -Imogen Allen

My time at St. Andrew’s so far has been a whirlwind of chairs, cakes, smiles and wonderful people. It’s fair to say that this church has become a home if not a very glamorous beach hut for me! In which I mean to say that it’s where I’ve found a bit of myself and a scary but beautiful future.

The nature of being an intern means that you’ve probably seen flashes of me around and a giggle here and there but perhaps haven’t had a chance to truly get to know me. If this is the case I must apologise as I love nothing more than a good natter over a cup of tea, hopefully we will get to know each other soon. To give you a little bit of background information: I’m from Scarborough and am the youth intern with the ever changing hair and wide smile.

To give you a taste of what I do, my week normally consists of a bit of everything and anything. I attend everything from a comedy night at the art centre to communion and dinner with the housebound the next day. I work with people of all ages and have the privilege of working in the wider community as well. Part of my role as a youth intern means that I obviously spend a great deal of my time with the brilliant and energetic young people of our church and parish. This not only keeps me young but most certainly keeps me on my toes as well! It’s so essential that as a church we support this next generation and trust me they’re worth investing in.

One of the many highlights of my time with you so far has been narrating as a shepherd at the crib service this past Christmas. The sense of community and fun was unforgettable and an encouraging picture for the future of the church. Alongside this I must admit that the Bring and Buy has been another favourite of mine. The hustle and bustle of it all was hard work but what a glorious amount we raised and splendid day it was.




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