Scouting at St Andrews

Unfortunately due to the various lockdowns 2020 saw us loose 40% of our young people.

Although we have been meeting on Zoom, we are aware that not all young people can/want to Zoom in the evenings after home schooling all day. We do hope that when we are back face to face our numbers will recover.

In the meantime, we need your help please, if you know any young people who would like to join our Group, either via a Zoom meeting or to put their names down for when we start back face to face, we will be making up for lost time and we are planning an exciting programme.

Scouting is open to all and when we can we meet it is on Tuesdays at the church rooms:

Beaver (age 6-8) 5.45 ‘til 7pm   Cubs (age 8-10) 6.30 ‘til 8pm   Scouts (age 10-14) 7.45 ‘til 9.15pm

Please contact Karen Osborne for more info: ‘07990 952276

Sadly, the church must remain closed for the next few weeks, despite cases continuing to reduce. The PCC will be reviewing this decision every three weeks and we pray that we will be able to return to meeting in person very soon.