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Our afternoon family service is CONNECT!

WHEN? Connect meets on Sunday’s at 4.30 in term time. It’s a really relaxed and welcoming service and community aiming to grow closer to God and have fun!

making ribbons
colour ribbons

HOW DO THE WEEKS WORK? We run on a 3 week cycle based on themes. This year our Themes have been Kings, Desert, and Palm and we are currently doing Earth. As we spend the three weeks exploring each theme we have an introduction service in week one, with family games and challenges as well as some time in our age groups, Kids, youth and adults.  In week two we spend half of our time together and the rest of session is spent in our age groups. In our final week we have a celebration service together to draw together all we have explored, done and learned. And of course each session ends with cake.

WHO COMES UP WITH THE IDEAS? At Connect we are a community and as such we like to plan things together and hear everyone’s ideas as much as possible which is why everyone is invited to our planning meetings!



Sunday Services

9:00 am Said Communion: A said service of Holy Communion in traditional language.

10:30 am Family Sung Communion: Our main service each week. Common Worship style Holy Communion with hymns lead by our choir and organist. Following a short children’s talk in the main service we have Children’s Church in the Church Rooms during the main part of the service and a crèche open throughout for younger ones.

10:30 am Parade Service (2nd Sunday of each month): Our uniformed organisations join us in force for a fun service with more contemporary songs lead by the music group.

4:30pm CONNECT (term time only): Real Life Church. A fun, informal, varied, creative and contemporary church service designed with all ages in mind. With child-friendly activities as well as groups for young people and adults, helping the whole family to engage more deeply with their faith and connect it to their real life.  

6:30 Sung Evensong (1st Sunday of each month): A traditional lay led evensong with no sermon.

Weekday Services

Monday 10:00 am A Time to Pray: (term time only) In the Jaques room in the Church Halls. An informal time to pray for the Church, mission and people in need. With hymns led on piano.

Wednesday 10:00 am Spoken Holy Communion

Thursday 09:30 am Little Ands: A time for play and learning for tiny tots and tea and chatting for parents and carers with a short service which includes a story and lots of fun songs.

Raising Concerns Flowchart

Safeguarding is not something that’s put upon us, but is an integral part of our faith –
responding well to those whose experience has been difficult or painful is what Jesus
did and so we should seek to follow him and do that too.

We must not be afraid to raise concerns. The best interests of the child or adult at risk are always paramount.

Proof or evidence is not required to raise a concern. A concern is simply letting the appropriate person know that you are concerned about the safety, health or well being of a child or vulnerable adult.

Here is a link to a the Peterborough diocese safeguarding website that contains further information and advice,  a reporting flowchart and reporting forms.


Here is a link directly to the reporting forms;