We have three core values that drive who we are and how we join with other churches in Kettering to be a blessing to all those we come in contact with.

These values are held within our logo and are Arts, Belief and Community.

Belief (represented by the church) This is the starting point and everything we do, builds from that. It’s our battery and what gives us energy to do what we do. If we don’t grow and nourish our faith, like a muscle it grows weaker. Things get slower and eventually stop working, but as we grow in the riches of faith in Christ, we will do things, not in our own strength, but through his.  We seek to offer spaces for people to explore faith of any age or background.

Community (represented by the lights shining out of the church) This value is all about welcoming others and building real honest friendships. Looking out for those in need, befriending the lonely, laughing with the stranger who may become a friend. We have a variety of groups that help bring people together, either over food, sport or through similar life stage groups, such as toddler groups or retired lunches.

Arts (represented by the rays of light shining out) This value is all about allowing us to discover everything God made us to be, to bring forth our creativity and celebrate every person for who they are. The Kettering Arts Centre is a large part of our connection with the local community and we champion all types of art and artists in our town.

Whatever brings you to St Andrew’s, however you arrive, whenever you come back, we are here to welcome you.

Our main service is at 10am every Sunday but we offer a variety of other services, groups and resources throughout the week, so have a look round the website or message us directly if you can’t find what you are looking for.