What’s on?

We have now restarted our Wednesday and Sunday services, both of which take place at 10am.

You will need to book, whilst we are at reduced capacity. To book a space, please email weaverjb@ntlworld.com

The Sunday service is currently being filmed and is available on our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCKgeEj2VrEmDkS9B7oOaFw


Sunday Worship

I am both pleased an a little sad, that we will be closing zoom for the time being and returning back into the church building on the 23rd May for Pentecost. The new service time is 10am and this is so that when we have reached capacity in the church we are able to safely hold two services on Sunday, potentially at 8am. However for the moment we will only be holding one service, which is at 10am.

During these past four months on zoom, we have been both restricted and given more freedom in our worship. I have appreciated the feedback and encouragement from you regarding the zoom services and I am keen not to lose what we have learnt in this time.

Bearing that in mind, I ask for your continued grace as we restart services. Sadly for the next five Sundays we will be limited to 50 bubbles of people, a shorter service, we will not be able to sing, there will be no refreshments available and masks should be worn. But there are positives, we will be back in the building, choirs and music groups will be able to lead us, communion can be served and conversations can be had outside the building. Please Contact John Weaver if you would like to book in for any of the coming Sundays.

You may ask why we have returned to in person church, rather than waiting until the 21st June. It is something I have wrestled with, but I am keenly aware that from Monday, people will be able to travel, hug loved ones and reunite with people they have not seen for many months. This is important and not something I wish to see the church stand in the way of, by asking people to remain on Zoom which requires a lot of people to help run the service well.

I also think by returning to the building now, it is a great opportunity for the church to experiment with what we have discovered both in lockdown and on zoom, as we slowly return to normal.

My proposal is that over the next few weeks and months, we are flexible and creative with our Sunday services. Amongst some of the proposed ideas, we will be trialling recording the Sunday service, so they can be uploaded on to Youtube. We will also be trialling using the screen from the 30th May, so that we don’t need to touch hymn books and print of sheets of paper, as well as allowing us to be more intentional with our liturgy. These will only be temporary and over the summer holidays I will be asking for feedback, so we as a church can discern how we have found this and look to put something more concrete in place for September.  

For some of you this will sound exciting and refreshing, for others it may make you feel very nervous. I ask you to keep an open mind over these next few months as we prayerfully discern together the future of St Andrew’s Sunday services and it’s heartbeat for the next few years.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Every blessing

St Andrew’s boat club?

Hi all, Ben Roberts from the choir here! I have a small wooden sailing boat that I wish to donate to the church, and I am currently looking for a small group of enthusiastic DIY/ sailing buffs to help with a refit of the boat. This sounds a bit technical, but if you don’t mind getting a bit messy, it will mainly involve a bit of painting and varnishing.

My hope is once it is ship-shape, a group could be formed of sailors and potential sailors to take it out on Cransley Reservoir. If you are interested or would like more information, please email benandbethany@hotmail.com