Giving – financial, talents and time

Financial Giving

One of the easiest ways to support St. Andrew’s is through financial giving. All of your gifts, big and small, make a big difference to work of St. Andrew’s. Thank you for your consideration to support us financially.

Our largest regular outgoing is the Parish Share, the contribution we are requested to pay to Peterborough Diocese every year. This pays for our vicar, clergy pensions and housing and other diocesan functions. In 2020, this was £72,417.00. Many people do not realise that we are expected to pay this as a priority before other expenditure on utilities, building repairs or even mission or evangelistic work.

How to support the church financially

There are several ways you can give to St. Andrews: the various options are below.

Offertory – You can make a donation during the collection taken at our Sunday and Wednesday services. We offer weekly or monthly envelopes for members of our stewardship scheme to use. Those who pay income tax are asked to register for the church to collect gift-aid on their giving. We also still accept cash!

For direct giving, there are two other options. The diocese recommends the ‘Parish Giving Scheme’, which is a joint venture charitable company owned by all the dioceses and the charity. This scheme includes the option for those using it to agree to an annual inflationary increase, based on the Retail Price Increase, each year. This increase is not applied without the donor agreeing each year. The PGS and sends the total donations to the church treasurer monthly, together with the gift-aid on the donation (if applicable). There is no electronic form for this- forms are available from the planned giving officer, who is currently John Weaver (see churchwardens)

Bank Transfer – You can give online via a bank transfer payable to PCC of St. Andrew. Please ask the treasurer or the planned giving officer for the account details. Any gift aid on these donations is claimed monthly by the planned giving officer and HMRC pays it directly into the church bank account.

Giving – Talents and time

As you will see from this website there are many other ways in which you can give to the live of the church; keeping the church building clean, arranging flower, helping at services, looking after the grounds, visiting those unable to get to church (both young and old).

We greatly encourage everyone to make St. Andrews’s ‘their’ church by taking as full a part as possible in the extended life of the church as they feel able to.

If you would like to know more aout giving, either financially or tallents and time please do speak to the Churchwardens who will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Thank you in anticipation of your generous gifts.