Sunday Worship

Attached above is the order of service, notice sheet and activities for our younger members of the congregation.

Below is the zoom link for this Sunday which you can click on at 9:30am on Sunday and join us for the live service on zoom. There is also the order of service attached, a notice sheet and activities for our younger members of the congregation.

I would like to thank John Weaver for his role in communicating to everyone throughout this year. I know he’ll be relieved to not have to email out all that information each week, but I have heard how so many people have appreciated the faithful contact from John on behalf of the church during this strange time. 

I’m sure also many of you will be wondering why there was no mention of churches in the notice from Boris on the 22nd February. The simple answer is that he is unlikely to mention it because churches never legally had to close for the third lockdown. However, Bishop Donald strongly encouraged churches to do so, especially with such high rates circulating in the community and it was certainly the right decision for St Andrew’s to close. 

This makes the decision to reopen much harder as we are legally able to reopen, but the government is not looking to allow other venues to open until the 17th May. We are expecting to receive some new guidance from the Bishop in the next few weeks, but my hope is we will be able to celebrate Easter in some form in church and a safe and careful return to normality by the summer. 

I’m sorry I can’t give you more information today, but I thank you for supporting and helping to make the Sunday services on zoom so encouraging and uplifting. I know it’s not the same as meeting in church but I look forward to Sunday each week and it shows me a glimpse of what we will be returning to.

Thankyou for all your prayers for myself and the family at this time and I look forward to joining those who are able to on zoom for Amy’s farewell service. 
 Every blessing